Hello, I am Dentist Begüm Arabacı…
I was born in Istanbul in 1983. I completed my high school education at Maltepe Anatolian High School. The fact that I was introduced to art by taking piano and ballet training since the age of 6 made me see dentistry as a profession that integrates art. Therefore, I entered Istanbul Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry.

Smile Design with Aesthetic Dentistry
I developed myself in the fields of aesthetic dentistry and received training on smile design. The artistic aspect of my profession for me; is to create a new, personalized smile by blending knowledge, hand skills and aesthetics together.

15 Years of Experience in Dentistry
I opened my first practice with my entrepreneurial spirit in 2007, when I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, but due to the urban transformation of the building I was in, I found myself in corporate life. I worked as dentist at Maslak Acıbadem Hospital and later I worked as a managing doctor at Batı Ortodonti Aesthetic Clinic.

Since I have always been in competition with myself in my profession, I focused all my energy on improving myself and always doing better. In 2021, the 15th year of my professional life, I re-established my own dental clinic, which I always dreamed of.

We Are In The Most Popular Neighborhood Of Istanbul
In my clinic located in Kadıköy Suadiye, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul, I perform Hollywood Smile and Smile Design treatments, which are aesthetic dentistry applications, in all branches of oral and dental health for my patients.
My favorite part of my job is to provide my patients with healthier and more aesthetic smiles, making them happier and more confident.

I wish to be able to SMILE together…

Happy Patient Feedback