Dental implant is a dental treatment method used to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a biocompatible artificial tooth root made of titanium or a titanium alloy and looks like a screw. This artificial tooth root is placed in the jawbone and acts like a natural tooth root.

The dental implant is applied by a specialist dentist or periodontist. The process usually consists of several stages. The implant is first surgically placed in the

jawbone. It is waited for the implant to merge with the jawbone and heal. This period is usually 2-3 months. This period allows the implant to form a strong bond with the jawbone.

After the implant is combined with the jawbone, a connecting piece is attached to the implant. This part is a fastener that is placed on the upper part of the implant and allows the attachment of an artificial tooth or dental bridge. After the attachment piece is placed, the dentist places the artificial tooth or teeth on this piece.

Advantages of Dental Implant

Dental implants replace missing teeth, restoring tooth function as well as creating an aesthetic smile. With good care and hygiene, dental implants can last for many years and feel and use similar to natural teeth.

Things to Consider While Making a Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment may not be suitable for every patient. Factors such as having a good jawbone structure and health, not smoking, and being suitable for implant treatment may affect the success of the implant.

It is important to consult a dentist to learn more about implant treatment and to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

What are Dental Implant Applications?

Dental implant applications can be used in a number of situations to replace missing teeth and restore oral health. Here are common dental implant applications:

Single Dental Implant

In the case of a single tooth loss, the implant is placed in place of the missing tooth. This consists of the implant, the abutment and the artificial tooth placed on it to provide restoration of a single tooth.

Multiple Dental Implants

In case of several consecutive or scattered tooth loss, the implants are placed separately and artificial teeth are placed on them. This is used to restore multiple teeth.

Full Mouth Implant

In cases where all the upper or lower teeth are missing, a full denture or a fixed bridge can be placed using a series of implants. This is used to restore the complete missing tooth.

Dental Implant Application Stages

Dental implant treatment usually consists of the following stages:

Evaluation and Planning

The dentist uses an oral exam, x-rays and other necessary imaging techniques to determine if you are suitable for implant treatment. A treatment plan is made for implant treatment.

Implant Placement

The first stage is the placement of the implant in the jawbone. Implant screws or nails are surgically placed in the jawbone. This stage is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Healing Process

Implants must heal for a while to integrate with the jawbone. This time allows the implant to form a strong bond with the jawbone and can usually take several months. A temporary restoration can be used.

Attachment of Abutment-Connector

After the implants have healed, the abutment is placed on the implant. An abutment is a structure to which an artificial tooth or dental bridge will be attached.

Restoration Placement

In the final stage, the artificial tooth or dental bridge is placed on the abutment. This is a restoration made in accordance with the shape, size and color of the teeth placed on the implant.

The implant treatment process may vary depending on the patient’s condition and the complexity of the treatment. Your dentist will determine a treatment method specific to you.

As Dentist Begüm Arabacı and her expert team, we determine the most suitable treatment and applications for you in our clinic located in Istanbul Kadıköy Suadiye, we aim to give you the best results by keeping your oral and dental health in the foreground.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Treatment in Turkey?

Quality service

Turkey has modern and equipped medical centers and dental clinics for dental implant treatment. Successful results are achieved thanks to the high-quality health care provided by experienced dentists and specialists.

Expert and Experienced Dentists

There are many experienced dentists specializing in dental implant treatment in Turkey. The competence and experience of the specialists allow you to have a successful and safe treatment process.

Implant Placement

The first stage is the placement of the implant in the jawbone. Implant screws or nails are surgically placed in the jawbone. This stage is usually performed under local anesthesia.

Modern and Technological Clinics

Dental clinics and hospitals in Turkey use the latest technology and high quality materials used in dental implant treatment. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and provides a faster recovery process.

Short Treatment Time

Dental implant treatment can usually be completed in a few visits. Considering the placement of the implants and the healing process, patients regain their teeth in a short time.

Natural and Aesthetic Results Dental implants are designed in harmony with natural teeth and aesthetically perfect results are obtained. It helps to preserve facial features and speech functions.

Long Life Implants

When properly cared for, dental implants can be long-lasting. With good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, the durability of the implants increases.

The Most Beautiful Tourism Destination

Turkey is a touristic destination that can be combined with medical treatment. After the treatment process, it is a great opportunity to discover the historical and natural beauties of the country.

Those considering traveling abroad for dental implant treatment should be careful about choosing a reliable dentist or dental clinic. It is important to consult a dentist who will evaluate whether you are a suitable candidate for implant treatment and to get detailed information about the treatment process.


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